Simple Ways To Lose 10 Pounds

Lose 10? Yes you can!

It’s something we’ve ALL wanted to do at some point, for whatever reason. Get that epic beach body? Check! Get a bit healthier? Check! Look good shirtless while rocking out onstage? Check! You can do it, I can do it, he can do it, she can do it!


Besides being great for your self esteem, it’s great for your health! It’ll help relieve joint pressure, help reduce your blood pressure, and hopefully even give you great habits to sustain you for life!

It sounds hard! How can I do this?

Easy! Well, easy-ish. There are no real shortcuts to doing this on a sustainable level. On a most basic level, weight loss has to do with calories in versus calories out. As long as in is lower than out, you’re gonna see some weight loss. Remember, losing a pound of fat is equivalent to burning 3500 calories! How can you do this? Several ways!


First step is reducing portion sizes. Do you have to eat that entire burger and plate of fries? Of course not! Delicious as they are, save some for later! Have it for a snack! Have it for lunch tomorrow! Go for the small! You don’t need 64 ounces of sugary syrup mixed with carbonated water! Get the 8 ounce, or even switch to water! Cutting out the sodas/alcoholic beverages will have an incredible effect on your weight loss goals!

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Next step is exercise! Get some! You already do? Change it up! This is where the calories out part comes into effect. The more you move, and the more intensely you do it, the more you’ll burn off, and the more effective the workout will be in your weight loss goals. Cardio is the key, here. While weightlifting does have an impact, you might lose weight more slowly (as a result of building muscle as well as losing fat), but at the same time, you’ll also see more obvious differences in the shape of your body.

Have some fun with it! Train for a 5k! Run that race! Do another one to beat your previous time!


Important thing when starting to work out, though, is not to get too excited about immediate results. You’re sweating, and while that’s good, the weight you’re losing at that point is water weight. It’s only beginning, and to make the real progress? You’ll have to keep at it!

Stay hydrated! Remember that water I mentioned in the diet section? Drink more of it!

Biggest thing, though, is not to overdo it. Lifelong change is a lifelong process. Listen to your body. If it’s telling you to take a break, take it! The other thing is not to give up. Whether you’ve got 10 to lose, or more than that, never give up. You can do it!

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